First blog post

Hi guys! This is Amy Siamesecat! I have finally started my own blog! I hope you all enjoy to see things on here. My YouTube is Amy Siamesecat! Last night, I went to a Haunted Corn Maze where there were clowns, ghosts, gorillas (Don’t ask. Actually, please do.) and many other scary things! I was scared half to death. Has anybody else been scared out of there wits? Not many do!


CA Stories

When we were driving to California, we had to stop at many rest stops. One of the rests stops was very dirty. So I walked into the women's bathroom, and went. But, as I washed my hands I noticed something black crawling out of the drain in the sink. It was a cockroach! Eww…

"No comment." – Amy Siamesecat

My Room!


cropped-download11.jpg Guys, I have officially moved bedrooms! I have all of my furniture, my Wii Console is hooked up to my new TV, and I am almost done moving little stuff into my room! I have to say, it looks beautiful! I used to have one lamp, but now I have two lamps! One is checkered purple, and the other is pink with cuts in it. Have you ever moved before? I have twice, or a third time if you count moving bedrooms too.

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” – Amy Siamesecat

Funny Friday

The Take of the Wicked Graham Cracker


There once was a young graham cracker. He loved to play fun games. He liked Marshmallow Diving, and Chocolate Swimming! 

There also was a very mean graham cracker. She used her magic to taunt the happy graham cracker every day.

One Day when the mean graham cracker was taunting the happy graham cracker, he accidentally turned him into a pickle with wing and four noses. He flew away and was never seen again.



Bedroom Move

lululozly So, my bedroom is very nice right now. Three walls are white and one is pink. I have many furniture pieces and a loft bed. The only problem is, it is very small! So, since we have a spare room, we are repainting it mint green and then I will be moving in! My favorite colors are pink, then green.

So far, we are painting the first coat and might need a second bucket of paint. The color is called “Sublime Lime”. Don’t ask about the name. There is practically no point in the extra “Lime”.



lullulozely Soon I will be visiting California, which is on the west coast of the United States of America. I will be there for an entire week and will be vlogging about it. The videos will be on my YouTube here. I will be seeing the ocean, wildlife, and visiting fun places! Yay!

“I don’t know what to put here…” – Amy Siamesecat


b1c06cfe1e13734b3da8912f424e75ac-mc112_header I am proud to say that I can now record, edit, and upload YouTube videos on Minecraft PC! Also, the new Minecraft 1.12.2 update is wonderful! I am a fan of pink, so the new blocks that are pink are amazing! Look in the picture above and you’ll see how colorful it is now! I love the new light blue, yellow, and lime. They are super bright and happy! I also love the parrots so much, I have two of them in my single player world.


ballet I am a dancer, so you would think I would have a favorite dance star, such as Comfort. My favorite dance star is Fik Shun! The reason I like him is because of the way he moves. His movement in Hip Hop is very cool! My favorite style of dance is either tap or lyrical. In the future, I am going to have a photo shoot in my dance costumes! Afterwards, I will probably post them on here! Also, at a funk fest I went to, I took a selfie with “So You Think You Can Dance” star, Comfort and former dance moms star, Alexis! It was awesome!

“Weird people make the world go ’round!” – Amy Siamesecat (me)

All of the Blogs I Follow!

Today, this isn’t a normal post… This is a list of all of the blogs I follow at the time. I am very excited for you to see all of these blogs! 🙂 😀 B)

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell