First blog post

Yay! My first blog post!

Hi guys! This is Amy Siamesecat! I have finally started my own blog! I hope you all enjoy to see things on here. My YouTube is Amy Siamesecat! Last night, I went to a Haunted Corn Maze where there were clowns, ghosts, gorillas (Don’t ask. Actually, please do.) and many other scary things! I was scared half to death. Has anybody else been scared out of there wits? Not many do!




Today is my last day of spring break! I am mostly excited! Idk why. I am going to see my friends! Yay! Well, Alex got a new backpack and I got his other one. My old one was a Disney backpack for the New Year. It was bought in 2015. My new one is black and has a lot of pockets. Alex’s new one is blue and is a roller bag.


Today I got a $7 headset to record my YouTube videos with! I have recorded two song covers (Can’t Stop the Feeling and Undo It) and they sounded great! Yay!

Picture of the day:

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Question of the Day: What would you want to have as your spirit animal?

Link of the Day: Science Facts

Quote of the Day:

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller


Beauty and the Beast…

Today I just saw the movie “Beauty and the Beast”! It is happy, then sad, then happy, then sad, then super duper happy! Belle is very beautiful! Her wedding dress at the end is very pretty!


I have gotten McDonalds! Though I am only ten years old, I ate my first big mac! It is 500 calories! I am a big girl! Also I ate like, 5 or 6 Super Sour Warheads! My mom and dad had only one each and they were puckering up so much! I was fine! Lol! Also I have been recording a ton of videos for YouTube so check ’em out!

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Question of the Day: If you could be a marine animal, which one would you be?

Link of the Day: Magazine (Blog Post)

Quote of the Day:

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. – Tom Wilson



My day was normal. I have a book recommendation: “The Double Daring Book For Girls”.

I am still on spring break, thankfully! We are hanging out, having fun, watching shows and sitting on the couch. Also on my YouTube channel, I posted a new video about my new YouTube Webshow, “Toy Time”. I am getting better at the audio. 😉

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Question of the Day: What is your fav magazine?

Link of the Day: Merry Christmas! Blog Post

Quote of the Day:

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare


Daylight Savings…

Daylight Savings is so confusing I mean, seriously! I woke up at what would be 8:06 am but my clock said 9:06 am so then I got confused. I forgot that I changed my clock so I got so freaked out. I thought that I slept in too late. 😐 🙂


Don’t you guys hate it when you have to clean your room. I have to today but, thankfully, my room isn’t too messy (like the last time, and the last time after that) so I won’t take too long. I have started uploading a YouTube video. It usually takes awhile to upload. Eventually it’ll upload.

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Question of the Day: If you could be able to eat as much chocolate as you liked, would you? Or would you not?

Link of the Day: The Purrington Post!

Quote of the Day: (Below)

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone – Reba McEntire



It is the first day of the weekend out of two! Finally! I am tired but, I can stay alive. It is already 8:48 a.m. and I haven’t eaten anything, nor drank anything! Lol!


Today I am going to try my best to make a new YouTube video! I don’t know what it will be about though… Meh I’ll eventually think of one! Today I am not really going to put the regular “Link of the Day” and that stuff. I may later on but it is in the morning and only me and Alex are awake.




My cats are so silly! They keep jumping when they hear the sound but, I managed to take some pics from my iPhone 5 for this blog so BE THANKFUL!!! JK!! 😉 Here are the photos:

Here is Sweet Pea:

Sweet Pea

Here is Princess:




I went to the doctor and waited and hour and a half for the doctor to get in the room. A couple of days ago, I posted about this weird feeling that it was hard to breathe so we chose to wait a while until we went to the doctor. Here is the post: 2/27/17! Turns out, I have a minor sinus infection. If you don’t know what that is, it is an infection in your sinus. Yep.

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Question of the Day: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Link of the Day: GoNoodle

Quote of the Day: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt