First blog post

Hi guys! This is Amy Siamesecat! I have finally started my own blog! I hope you all enjoy to see things on here. My YouTube is Amy Siamesecat! Last night, I went to a Haunted Corn Maze where there were clowns, ghosts, gorillas (Don’t ask. Actually, please do.) and many other scary things! I was scared half to death. Has anybody else been scared out of there wits? Not many do!



  1. The Corn Maze was totally scariness! Was glad I went in because of the experience was extremely memorable. What made the Corn Maze so scary was the lack of blood and guts!


  2. Scary corn mazes are not part of my favorite things to do but was a memorable experience for sure. Especially getting chased out of the maze but a freaky dude brandishing a chain saw!


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