New Picture!

Okay I am going to upload many new videos to come so, look out on my YouTube channel!    So, do you guys have a YouTube channel? If so, what is it called. If not, do you want one? I love my YouTube channel! Here is my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy me and my stuff because I work hard! I am also recommending an extension for Chrome called Tubebuddy! It is for YouTubers and I think it is great! Well, I just want to say that 50 subs is coming up soon so I can’t wait!

One comment

  1. I do have my own YouTube channel – just search for dbassman41477. I haven’t posted on it in a while but am planning to get a new video or two out soon as soon as I can set my up my guitar rig in the garage that I have to finish clean out. I can’t wait for your next video! Love ’em! Keep ’em coming!


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