Right now I have a very sore throat, my voice is super sore, and I had a scary experience in P.E. today. I was done running, and suddenly it was hard to breathe! It scared me! In my mind, I was like Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh am I having an asthma attack? (Even thought I don’t have asthma) It was scary, but I am feeling a little better. Though not much. I ate some Berry Blue™ jello and sat down to chill.


Picture of the Day: (My Old Design For My Blog)


Question of the Day: If you could be one planet out of our solar system, which would you be?

Link of the Day: Halloween Costumes! (One of my earlier posts)

New! Quote of the Day: “You are remembered for the rules you break.” – Douglas MacArthur


  1. I love taking care of you, but I am sorry you didn’t feel well. At least I get to snuggle more!!🤗😍


  2. Am sorry you aren’t feeling much better today! But with plenty of rest am sure you will be feeling tiptop in no time at all. Especially for the weekend coming up. Plenty of rest is most often the best kind of medicine.


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