Dance Competition…

Yesterday, (3/3/17), I went to a dance competition called Relevé! I won Purple Diamond (Which is 4th, or last place) but I still did great! Sure, I was a little bummed, but at least I wasn’t skipped. Sometimes they’ll forget to give someone a trophy.


I am still sick, so I can’t upload many videos because of my hoarse voice. Eventually I’ll get better! I can’t keep up on my YouTube, but I can keep up on my musical.ly’s! Musical.ly doesn’t need voice, as it is a Lip Sync app. Right now I am going to see if I can post a picture of me in my dance! I may in the future! Here are today’s regulars!
Picture of the day:


Question of the Day: What is your favorite animal?

Link of the Day: 2/26/17 (Blog Post)

Quote of the Day: “Neither blame or praise yourself.” – Plutarch

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