Snail Mail…

Today I signed up for a new pen pal on Global Pen Friends! I chose to do Snail Mail, as the Internet can’t replace a handwritten letter. In fact, nothing can! I chose a girl from the UK (I won’t say her name) and I hope she says yes to my message! You can choose up to 10 pen pals. Last night I went out to Walmart and bought cheap stationary! It was great!


It’s the day before school and I am kinda bummed. A little bit, but I can’t wait to tell my friends about my new pen pal (If I get her). Oh I am really happy for today! Also, instead of my regular Picture of the Day, Link of the day, etc, I am doing a contest! Here is it:

Dear Lilly,

I hope you have a Happy ____! I am excited to see you ____ in the ____.

Just remember, I will ____ be with you!



P.S. I forgot to say that I have a new chirping ____!

Can you figure it out? I hope so!

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