Today is my last day of spring break! I am mostly excited! Idk why. I am going to see my friends! Yay! Well, Alex got a new backpack and I got his other one. My old one was a Disney backpack for the New Year. It was bought in 2015. My new one is black and has a lot of pockets. Alex’s new one is blue and is a roller bag.


Today I got a $7 headset to record my YouTube videos with! I have recorded two song covers (Can’t Stop the Feeling and Undo It) and they sounded great! Yay!

Picture of the day:

Image result for Cute kitty

Question of the Day: What would you want to have as your spirit animal?

Link of the Day: Science Facts

Quote of the Day:

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller

One comment

  1. Those are really cool backpacks! Am really enjoying your blog and hope you continue to post! Will also check youtube for recent videos.


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