Today at school my class and a few other classes got to go to an assembly. This assembly was about reptiles. Somebody came to our school and showed us ten reptiles; An Iguana, a baby tortoise, a mother tortoise, a chameleon, a boa, a milk snake, an itty bitty baby snake (It is sooooo tiny), and the grand finale was: A HUGE python! It was over 10ft!


I am feeling lazy…

Picture of the Day:


Question of the Day: Do you like food more, or clothes more?

Link of the Day: Meow Mania

Skipping Quote cause I’m lazy… B)

One comment

  1. I enjoy food more simply because I can afford more and plus I am not a very vibrant person on the outside. I can’t wait for your next quiz may be and enjoy your quotes and bright tidbits of life!


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