Month: July 2017

CA Stories

When we were driving to California, we had to stop at many rest stops. One of the rests stops was very dirty. So I walked into the women's bathroom, and went. But, as I washed my hands I noticed something black crawling out of the drain in the sink. It was a cockroach! Eww…

"No comment." – Amy Siamesecat


My Room!


cropped-download11.jpg Guys, I have officially moved bedrooms! I have all of my furniture, my Wii Console is hooked up to my new TV, and I am almost done moving little stuff into my room! I have to say, it looks beautiful! I used to have one lamp, but now I have two lamps! One is checkered purple, and the other is pink with cuts in it. Have you ever moved before? I have twice, or a third time if you count moving bedrooms too.

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” – Amy Siamesecat

Funny Friday

The Take of the Wicked Graham Cracker


There once was a young graham cracker. He loved to play fun games. He liked Marshmallow Diving, and Chocolate Swimming! 

There also was a very mean graham cracker. She used her magic to taunt the happy graham cracker every day.

One Day when the mean graham cracker was taunting the happy graham cracker, he accidentally turned him into a pickle with wing and four noses. He flew away and was never seen again.