This is why…

Okay so… I haven’t posted in sooooooooo long and I decided to post again with a few things…

First. I have a list of things that tell why I haven’t posted:

  1. School (6th Grade)
  2. Dance (I have been working on it)
  3. Exercise
  4. Choir
  5. Many More…

Here is a good post:

image So Alex over to your left in the photo is making a weird face. I added that for no reason. So today is Scary Sunday.

Here is a spooky story:

There once was a young girl named Sheila. She lived in a house deep in the woods. One day, she started to hear noises outside. As she went outside into the night, the sound came closer, and closer, until…

Her head was bitten right off by a scary three-eyed green monster!!!

Yeah… That was probably very cheesy…

But Hey!

You asked for it!


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