What have I been Doing?

Image result for Excited face emoji Okay, so I haven’t been posting for a few months and I deeply apologize. Why not start up again on Thanksgiving! Here is what has happened recently:

  • Halloween
  • My Birthday
  • Thanksgiving

For Halloween, I was a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sugar skull! I went to my family’s friend’s house. This year, I wasn’t trick or treating, I was scaring! I was the first thing you would see. I held a lit candle and would just stare at people as they walked by.

My birthday was on November 8th. I am now officially 11 years old! We went to get some smoothies and opened presents the day before, since my mom had parent teacher conferences (She is a teacher). But all the same, I had so much fun!

Thanksgiving is today so I am excited! At dinner, we will go to our grandparents’ house and meet up with family and friends. Then we will go to the table and serve ourselves some dinner. After that, we will eat up! While the adults are chatting after eating, Alex and I will escape upstairs and hang out. Afterwards, we will go home with full stomachs!

So yeah. That is what has been/is going on. I hope you enjoyed this post and it won’t be the last for sure! See you next time!

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